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Meet our founder

Royalty Lineage is the number 1 haircare brand created for 4C naturals. Stephanie is no stranger to natural hair, after going natural back in 2011 she fell in love with her hair, she decided to start making her own products and share with friends & family. Two years later she had this idea to start a Haircare Brand for 4C women like her but decided to give it up. Eight years later, Royalty Lineage was born out of love by a 4C woman for our 4C naturals.

Who inspired you to create a line for 4C women only?

I created that line because there was not a brand on the market for my hair type. Our hair texture is underrepresented and often misunderstood. Many women with 4C hair think something is wrong with their texture or they are cursed with 4C hair. Truth is God bless us with the most beautiful hair. We just need to love it, learn it and care for it the proper way.

Why is your brand Ayurvedic Inspired?

As an island girl I know and value nature and all the amazing plants and herbs God created. Growing up I saw my folks using healing herbs on their scalp & hair, so I decide to incorporate some island and Ayurvedic herbs into my products.

What sets you apart from other brands?

Our passion for 4C hair period.. We value & embrace each women who decided to invest in their hair by joining our community. We take pleasure in educating women on how to love and care for their 4C hair. Our products are made with nature's finest ingredients that give our hair all the nutrients it needs.. Our 4C hair is truly Royalty.

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