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My hair is always dry. Why and what can I do?

Feb 21, 2022

Stephane Meus

If you moisturize your hair all the time and it still feels dry, it is because of the high porosity of your hair. Here is how to get out of this tunnel. 

What does hair porosity mean?

The porosity of hair is its capacity to absorb and to retain moisture.

The hair fiber is surrounded by scales (or cuticles) more or less open, which absorb more or less water that you give to your hair.  Depending on how open the scales are, water will easily enter but easily leave, or conversely, it will be difficult to enter but not to leave.

If your hair always stays dry, you probably have a high porosity. That means the scales of your hair open too much, they let everything through except that as soon as all the moisture is absorbed, it leaves just as quickly. The hair is by definition dry, weakened and dehydrated.

What to do?  

The goal is to retain water by closing the hair's scales. Use a greasy oil, like castor oil or a thick leave-in right after washing your hair, then finish your routine with a plant-based butter. Try  the 4CKINKS hair whipped cream with passion fruit oil and Haitian black castor

Use cold water, natural or cold air drying, and thicker styling products like milks or creams, which are more likely to be held in place by the scales.

Tip: Your hair loves protein. Whenever possible, choose protein-based products made from eggs, rice or wheat protein.

At all times, avoid heat, as it opens the hair's scales, so in your case, it will make your hair even more fragile.